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BMW N55 Stage 3 turbo kit

We wanted to create the ultimate daily driver turbo kit.

OEM reliability. OEM driveability.

600whp. Full boost by 3000rpm. At a cost of less than $5000. 

Cast Manifold

At the heart of the N55 kit is our ceramic coated cast manifold. Starting with a blank slate in CAD, we were able to design a manifold that will produce awesome spool, and big hp... all while keeping optimal reliability (no welded joints to fatigue crack over time). 


 SpeedTech Cast Manifold is United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent Pending

BorgWarner EFR Turbo

BorgWarner’s EFR turbochargers set new world standards in performance, convenient installation and high-tech features:

  • Ultra low-mass Gamma-Ti turbine wheels

  • Mixed-flow turbine blade design

  • Dual ceramic ball bearing cartridges

  • Aluminum bearing housing

  • Stainless steel turbine housing

  • Flexible orientation compressor cover

  • Forged milled compressor wheels

  • Integrated high-flow wastegate, boost control solenoid valve, speed sensor and compressor recirculation valve


Intake Components

In order to create the most efficient flow path into and out of the compressor, custom silicone couplers, combined with mandrel formed, powder coated, aluminum tubing is used.



Stainless steel downpipe, crafted with mandrel bends, tig welded flange and O2 bungs.


Factory Fit and Finish

The kit was designed to not only make power, but also be efficient and reliable.  As such, we designed for it to interact with the stock components such as the airbox/filter/tube/intercooler/exhaust. With just our kit installed, and extra fueling, we've laid down 630whp... through the above stock components. Form and function living together... and making big power. 


Included In The Kit

  • BorgWarner EFR 7670 Turbo

  • Cast Exhaust Manifold (divided for twin scroll)

  • Stainless Steel Downpipe

  • RH Engine Mount

  • Waterpump Mount Bracket

  • Coolant Hoses and Fittings

  • Oil Lines and Fittings

  • Aluminum Turbo Inlet Tube

  • Aluminum Turbo Outlet Tube

  • Silicone Couplers

  • EWG Bracket and Linkage

  • Required Fasteners and Hose Clamps

  • V-band Clamp

Stage 3 kit for the 2012-2015 335i.  Please note - we have a few of these on the shelf, ready to ship within a week. Beyond those, it will likely be about 4-5 weeks until the next batch is ready to go.

Speedtech 7670 SAE.JPG
Speedtech 8374 SAE.JPG

Dyno Notes:

- Vehicle configuration: 2014 335i. Speedtech Stage 3 Turbo. Speedtech Port Injection. Stock intercooler/airbox/airbox tube/air filter/exhaust.

- Boost set to 18psi at 3000rpm ramp to 25psi at 6000rpm

- 628whp, 539wtq

- Spool-up by 3000rpm

- Over 500 ft*lbs between 3800 to 6500rpm, over 450 ft*lbs between 3000 to 7000 rpm, providing great street performance.